UU Communications 

We offer a range of multimedia communication services aimed at clients involved in economic development, international justice, and human rights. Our  services encompass partnership and resource mobilization, public relations, and customized technology solutions.

• Campaign Development and Management: Creating innovative campaign ideas and coordinating comprehensive campaigns to address specific global issues.

• Content Creation: Producing compelling narratives and content to support campaigns.

• Public Relations: Managing media relations, crafting and disseminating press releases, and ensuring positive public perception.

• Publicity: Securing high-quality media coverage and endorsements from influential figures.

• Customized Technology Solutions: Developing and implementing tailored tech solutions to meet specific client needs.

• Leadership Development: Identifying and nurturing leaders within affected communities.

• Partnership and Resource Mobilization: Building strategic alliances and securing resources to support client initiatives.  

UU Labs 

Uncommon Union Labs ( UU Labs ) provides technical planning, design, and implementation services that support community-focused, multi-stakeholder projects.  UU Labs projects have included substantial web and mobile application development, cutting-edge work in artificial intelligence, embedded technologies, and more.  

• Technical Planning: Providing strategic technical planning for community-focused projects.

• Design Services: Offering design services for web and mobile applications, and other technologies.

• Implementation Services: Executing the implementation of technical solutions for multi-stakeholder projects.

• Web and Mobile Ap Development: Developing substantial web and mobile applications.

• Artificial Intelligence: Conducting cutting-edge work in artificial intelligence.

• Embedded Technologies: Developing and implementing embedded technology solutions

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