Uncommon Union Labs 

Uncommon Union Labs ( UU Labs ) provides technical planning, design, and implementation services that support community-focused, multi-stakeholder projects.  UU Labs projects have included substantial web and mobile application development, cutting-edge work in artificial intelligence, embedded technologies, and more.  

Engineering for Place-Based Economic Development

As an outgrowth of COVID-19 response work, UU Labs has built several platforms designed to strengthen local supply chains for community partners, enterprises and small businesses. Our deployments represent hundreds of millions of dollars in annual economic activity across multiple organizations such as Westinghouse, Ecolabs, and Praxair. Place-based models, however, break from traditional procurement in many important ways. They are inherently more sustainable, resilient and tend to keep resources within local communities. Automating and optimizing workflows between proximate businesses can also leverage exciting manufacturing advances and artificial intelligence.

UU Labs new initiative, Pull.City, is currently piloting Brooklyn Pull, a distributed manufacturing platform serving the Brooklyn Navy Yard community. Working with over 150 local businesses, UU Labs identified unique opportunities to strengthen and accelerate the development of the immediate and regional economy. Features include directory services, community-focused resource planning, automated inventory control, leasing tools, localized fulfillment, messaging and more. 

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